My best friend surprised me today.

Earlier this year, my best friend's younger brother who was also an old friend of mine passed away suddenly. His funeral was the day after the Nintendo Switch event. Of course with the funeral and me being a pallbearer, I never got a chance to preorder my own Switch before they were sold out. I hadn't seen my best friend since the funeral, but last night he came over unannounced to hang out and play games with me. He asked if I preordered a Nintendo Switch yet, and of course I hadn't. He said "Good, because I preordered two of them." I don't know where he found a store with multiple stocks of the console still up for preorder and how he managed to find the time in these hectic last few weeks. My girlfriend also already preordered Breath of the Wild for my birthday which is in March. I don't really know what to say. In these dark times, at least we have the Switch. A small beacon of hope to look forward to and enjoy together.

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