My concerns about Mario Switch

When I first looked at the switch trailer and saw Mario jumping in a mexican village I was hyped, but somethings on that trailer looked kinda strange to me. For example, the textures of the ground were not looking good, it was just really orange, lacking in details.

Other thing is that I don't want my camera to be locked on his back or in a SM3DW style, because I want to really explore the world, I want it to be hard to find the stars but in the same way I want to feel the progress of doing it, pretty much like in 64 but more optmized, I know Laura or Emily stated that Mario Switch is going to be more explorative, so I am not that worried about that.

But the things I am mostly concerned is about Mario's movement and the time it has been in production. Lets start with Mario's Movement, because it looked reeeeaally robotic. I'm afraid that Mario's movement isn't as fluid as in SMG. I mean, I don't want a game like SMG but man, mario was sooooo easy to control, so pleasurable. Mario 64 and Sunshine were fine but compared to Galaxy they were not as fluid. About the developing, guys, don't you guys think this game was a little bit rushed ? I mean, all the Mario's 120 stars games had a developing cicle for about 4-5 years, and since SM3DW was released in late 2013, its has been in development for only 3 years in the best of the scenarios. I mean, Mario games are the only reason that I'm buying a Switch, it is my favorite franchise of all time and i just wanna feel impressed again, I wanna play that game and think " f**k you Nintendo I am about to cry this game is amazing", and I just really don't want to play that game and have the same feeling that I had with SM3DW which is a good game but just felt like " uh, ok, but now I want my 120 stars game".

Ps.:SM3DW for me is only fun if you have friends to play with you. In a single player mode it's kinda boring.

Ps 2 .: sorry for my bad english, not my native language. Thanks for reading my thoughts !

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