My Disappointment in the Specs

I fully believe that there will still be overwhelming third party support, because alot of people will buy the thing. Switch will still get a large majority of the good games, all of the companies that were signed on to make games when Switch was revealed knew the specs already and were still onboard. I think that there will only be a few games that Switch wont get for obvious technical reasons.

But, out of those few games, i can think of a few that I'm severely upset will not be coming to switch, mainly those by square-enix. For the first time in a long time, or maybe ever, it seems like square is finally ready to share. They are putting Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games on more than just one platform, they have finally let go of their old ways and are allowing a larger array of gamers to play their games. Kingdom Hearts 3, FFXV, and FFVII remake will not be coming to the Switch. Anyone who thinks otherwise is still deluding themselves. Is this the end of the world? No, the Switch is gonna be awesome, but it is upsetting. Square has changed for the better and quit living in the past, i just wish Nintendo would.

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