My idea for a Super Smash Shooter for Switch. Thoughts?

Since Overwatch is a hit and hero shooters are in, what other company has more mascots than Nintendo? They just got their feet wet in the shooter business with Splatoon, but they could really create a huge hit. Here's my idea…feel free to expand on it:

So, every character would have their own weapon that makes sense to them with primary and secondary fire. Mario could shoot fireballs and ground pound to stun enemies, link would have a sword and bow, yoshi can throw eggs as bombs and hook people in with his tongue (see the overwatch comparisons yet?)

I would personally do it in the third person so you can see the characters, so it would be an Overwatch and PvZ garden warfare hybrid.

Then, there can be levels based around the different heroes. On mario based levels, it could be capture the Peach. Zelda levels could involve opening chests around the map. F zero or star fox maps could involve moving payloads.

Also, the maps would be interactive. Mario levels would have warp pipes to teleport around. Zelda maps would be destructible. F Zero maps would have boost pads etc.

Sound awesome? What would you add, remove or change?

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