My local EB Games had 200 Switches for in-store preorder.

Basically, I'm wondering what other stores have reported as at most I've seen people saying 60, so when the store rep told me 200 I was surprised.

This also had me thinking about this supposed scarcity of consoles.

General info: They originally had less but got some re-allocated to them from a close but less-popular location outside the city. I live in a semi-large city in Canada, there are 3 EB Games in the city and I'd say the location I inquired with is the 2nd busiest.

Additionally, the store manager when I inquired the first time didn't want to disclose the number for whatever reason, but I went in another day and asked an employee (who was definitely aware of the hush-hush but said it was his last day and was like 'why not' and told me). Who then said about 200. I forget what he said regarding grey-neon allocation but it might've been something like 70.

P.S. this employee and others also mentioned they sold out of preorders by the end of the second day.

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