My local Gamestop just started taking preorders

In Washington state, for reference. So this is how theyre doing it. I've been going there probably once a week for a while now selling games and getting credit for the Switch. Every time I go I ask if I can preorder yet and it's always a no. This time i asked and was told no then said ahh ok well maybe on the 13th you think?

He said well ok this is what we are doing. He said if you want you can preorder breath of the wild putting down $50, then we will put your name on a list for the Switch. Once Switch preorders officially open we will go to this list and transfer that Zelda money over to the Switch preorder. I asked will this put me ahead of people who come in and preorder the Switch directly once it is official and he said yes. I asked how many consoles they expect at this time, he said they expect less than 10 Switch consoles on release day. I got myself number 4 on their list. He assured me I will not have to be outside at 5am on the 13th for a preorder now.

I have no idea if this tactic is unique to my Gamestop or not but I have not yet seen this here so I thought I would share. As always, YMMV

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