My most-wanted hardware feature is advanced haptic feedback

I don't see many people excited about this, but of all the rumored stuff about the Switch hardware, what gets me most giddy with excitement is advanced haptics feedback (vibration).

If you don't know what it's about: it a feature where, inside the Joy-Con, there will be vibration motors capable of very subtle kinds of vibration. These vibrations can emulate, to an extent, the feeling of certain surfaces. Like, let's say you hover over a button on-screen: you can then "feel" the edges and/or of the surface of the button on your hands while you hold the Joy-Con. Same with a rugged wall in-game, or if your character dips their hand in water. Things like that.

I own a Steam Controller, and it has this feature on the trackpads you activate with your thumbs. It's kinda limited, but already very cool. It would be amazing to have that on something I can hold with my entire hand, versus something I just manipulate with my thumbs.

I know this seems like a somewhat minor feature, but it's so NEW that I can't help but very excited about it. I just love when a piece of hardware comes along that does something that no other mainstream device has ever done. Like the touchscreen on the original DS, or the multitouch capacitive screen on the iPhone allowing completely new finger gestured for interfacing.

The fact that you detach the Joy-Con from the screen is already pretty NEW, so I'm satisfied with just that even if advanced haptics never happen. But if they do… boy, I'll be STOKED.

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