My only request for Nintendo Switch is that we can get a real online platform.

They're marketing this for adults, and while of course Nintendo is definitely a family brand, kids included, I want a real online experience.

I want to be able to join a game with a microphone and be able to talk to people effortlessly. I want to be able to add someone by a username, not a 24 digit code.

The ability to have an online profile, a place to see recent games the user played, or a little profile bio.

Yes, its basically a request that Nintendo Switch will be like every other online platform out there now, but don't hate on the idea so fast.

I get that Nintendo Switch will obviously be a kids platform as well and parents will want to keep things safe for their kids.

I would like to see an option that allows you to toggle on and off how much of an open online experience you want.

I get that this request is not for everybody, but why not give it to the people who want it? Why can't we make everyone happy?

Edit – /u/Kirby4604 added that we could really use a party chat system and I completely agree.

Edit – /u/PhxRising29 made a good point

"And at the forefront of that online experience? Player accounts. And that goes for everything, even the 3DS. I absolutely despise the way that my digital games are tied to a system rather than to an account. I live in a constant state of fear that my 3DS will break and I wont ve able to do a system transfer"

Another reason for having player accounts

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