My Opinion of Things As an Outsider

I don't really follow the switch but I've subscribed to this Subreddit and occasionally see posts on news to keep me up to date.

One of the things that really stuck out in most of the posts was the ridiculous theory's and conclusions you were trying to come up with from such little evidence. It was like you were trying to confirm HL3 or Illuminati.

You guys have really been hyping things up way too much.

There have been a few posts of people saying it's your own faults for getting your hopes up about the specs, and they are absolutely correct. You took a few seconds of gameplay from the launch trailer and extrapolated a load of information, which turned out to be false.

So just chill. Sorry you didn't get what you deluded yourselves into believing but this console was never about the specs so take a break from the speculation and just chill and wait.

Discussion started at here by DanielDC88

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