My personal wish for the Switch. It involves Sega.

I may be a very specific minority and this wish may be retarded to many of you but hear me out. I may be an old f**k but personally, I think one of the most exciting periods in gaming was when 3D started back in the mid 90s. PlayStation 1, Sega Saturn and of course, N64. Some of the greatest, most creative and fun games ever came around this time. Several of these games were from Sega.

I think I would s**t out a diamond if Sega were to re-visit any of these game series for the Switch:

• Panzer Dragoon

• Burning Rangers

• Phantasy Star

• Shinobi

• Streets of Rage

Anyone else feel the love for these? Seriously I think I would die if Sonic Team, for example, gave us something awesome again, not this "Sonic World Part 37" s**t.

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