My worries about the switch!

I'm hyped about the switch i think its gonna be the best console ever but im "afraid" of some little things that might get there because of "financial reasons". So i just hope they dont follow sony and MS in some aspects :

1 – Paid online, they never did it but if they do it would be pretty sad. I mean i could pay for cloud saves service for example but it would not be so great to pay ti play online.

2 – Boxes quality!!! I might be the only one to be pissed about this but when you buy a ps4 game and the plastic of the box is just so bad and the only thing inside exept the BD (which is used only once…) Is a f*****g flyer to buy the season pass !! So you just pay 60€ and feel like you paid for a shitty plastic box and CD you will use only once to copy the game and that you didn't spend money enough and you should buy the dlc!

This is a small detail but like the plastic of the box would cost like 1-10cts more for them but they HAVE to use a shitty one to get more couple bucks.. and even that you just bought a game, its not enough! As a customer i feel fucked when i buy a new game…

3- Brand new acessories and no compatibility with older controllers. Lets get straight to the point :

What i would really need : – Wii U Pro controller

What would be amazing from nintendo : – Wiimote + Classic/Pro – Wiimote + Nunchuck ? (Without motion i guess) – GameCube adaptator !

I think if they respect all of these statements, as a customer I would feel much more confident into investing in nintendo than sony. On my ps4, i dont buy any dualshock because i know i cannot use it anywhere else and i start to be afraid to buy games because i see it as throwing money away… Never had this feeling with nintendo console (and i've probably put much more money on nintendo!)

I might have personal issues with my PS4 but these small details make me really hate it, we are not (only) some cash generating idiots, we are customers and want to get something for our money !!

Vive la Switch !

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