NES Classic Edition Review – Nintendo Mini Console!

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Com and for the past 30 years, if you've wanted to play a classic Nintendo Entertainment System game, you had to either bust outthe original NES console or hope that that title was available as a download on the Wii,Wii U or an Nintendo 3D3 or I guess you could just pirate it and run it in a clunky emulator on a PC but now there's a better way thanks to the release ofthe NES Classic Edition.

If you're familiar with theoriginal console hardware then you're gonna be athome with the NES Classic.

It's a miniaturized version of the original black and gray console that Nintendo released in the mid 80s.

It's so small that it fitsright in the palm of your hand and it's not much widerthan the controller that it comes with and this is all for designaesthetics of course because this door right here doesn't open.

It's all a solid block of plastic but it does bring onthat nostalgia factor.

One thing that does workthough is this Power button which feels just like theoriginal spring loaded button in years past.

Getting it set up is super easy.

Just plug in the USB power cord, connect it to your TV with an HDMI cable which is included in the box, press the Power button and you're playing with power once again.

In a few seconds, the menuappears on your screen allowing you to scrollthrough the classic box out of the 30 NES games thatare included on the console and you also have a few choices for how you want the games to appear.

There's Pixel Perfect whichis a pixel for pixel match as to how the game used to look.

Four by three which willstretch it a little bit to make more use of thescreen real estate on your TV and even a CRT mode whichwill add in the blur and horizontal scan linesthat you'd find on TVs of old and you also get four supsend slots for each game that'sincluded on the console allowing you to save upto four different spots for each game that you play.

Oh and those 30 games I mentioned, that's all you're gonnaget with the NES Classic.

You can't buy additional games and the console doesn'tconnect to the internet allowing you to downloadanything extra in the future.

That said, Nintendo handpicked these 30 titles as a showcase for the NES Classic and you get some of thebest titles ever released.

I'm talking about The Legend of Zelda, Excitebike, Super Mario Bros.

1, 2 and 3, Final Fantasy, Mega Man 2 andobviously a whole lot more.

Now, as good as that all sounds, now we have to turn our attention to the ridiculously confusing controller.

Don't get me wrong, the controller itself is almost a carbon copy of the original and feels very familiar in the hand.

The issue is that Nintendoinexplicably shipped this with a two and a half foot cord, two and a half foot cable.

It's virtually impossibleto relax on the couch while playing becausethe cable is so short.

Thankfully, you can buy extension cables.

They're not available yet though.

You can use Wii classic controllers and even wireless thirdparty controllers as well.

Those aren't available yet either but all of that just seems likea very unnecessary expense.

If I had to ding the NES Classic anywhere, it would be here.

It just makes the consolenot as comfortable to use as it could be but if you can put the shortcable on the controller aside, all in all, the NES ClassicEdition is a fun console at a great value.

It costs $60 for the console itself and that includes all 30 games so basically, you're getting aconsole and 30 games $2 each.

It's everything a retro gamer could want what with its iconic design,tons of classic games and high quality emulation.

But now, I wanna hear from you guys.

What is your favorite retrogame from back in the day? Drop a comment below and let me know and I'm gonna meet you therefor further discussion.

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