New “Donkey Kong Jr.” game coming to Switch? Recently registered trademark for “Donkey Kong Jr.” hints at possible game coming to Switch

I'm sure many of you probably remember this trademark for "Donkey Kong Jr." In case you don't know, Nintendo of America filed this trademark back on September 11, 2015. At the time many people thought if this was suggesting a new "Donkey Kong Jr." game for Wii U, 3DS, or mobile, and some people thought this meant absolutely nothing and could have been something for Virtual Console.

Well I'm here to tell that I was doing some Nintendo-related trademark research on the USPTO website last night, and of course came across the "Donkey Kong Jr." trademark. Interestingly, this trademark got registered on April 19 of this year, so this kind of recent. The other thing I foind intersting is that two of the listings on the Goods and Services part were "Downloadable electronic game programs" and "downloadable electronic video game software", and there was no listing for any physical format like "video game discs" or "video game cartridges". This is indicating that this "Donkey Kong Jr." game is going to in digital format-only and can be downloaded from somewhere like the Nintendo eShop.

Granted, again this may be not mean anything at all and rather something for the Donkey Kong Jr. VC title on Wii U and 3DS. But the fact that was only registered 8 months ago, really has me to believe are we seeing "Donkey Kong Jr." on the Nintendo Switch?

If so, this "Donkey Kong Jr." title on the Switch is either:

1) A brand new "Donkey Kong Jr." game that is either a remake/reboot, or a new game that's part of the "Mario vs. Donkey Kong" series featuring DK Jr. I'm all in for playing "Mario vs. Donkey Kong Jr."! Or, it could also be that DK Jr. will be in a new DK Country game. I'm also all in for playing "Donkey Kong Jr. Country"!

2) A Virtual Console version coming to the Switch. If that's the case, then this trademark is very well hinting at Virtual Console coming to the Switch, or at least some format of playing retro games on the Switch (if it's not VC but rather something new).

Do you think this trademark means that a new DK Jr. game is on the way, is it coming to the Switch VC, or do you think this means absolutely nothing at all? Considering I'm a huge fan of Mario and DK, I would love to see DK Jr. make comeback on the Switch!


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