Nintendo has the 3rd Person Shooter covered with Splatoon, but my suggestion to get a 1st Person Shooter for the Switch

Resurrect Timesplitters with Eidos somehow and make it exclusive. That game was major fun and the closest thing to 007: GoldenEye when it came to a fun splitscreen multiplayer shooter on Gamecube. Also the feel of the game isn't that bad of fit with Nintendo. I know they already have Metroid Prime, but I don't really see them adding competitive multiplayer or it making that much of a splash if they do (unless they go all out with it). If they were to revive Timesplitters with some online multiplayer though, it would definitely be a good way of getting some FPS fans to get the console.

What do you guys think about having this franchise revived for the Switch? Any other FPS games you think would be a good exclusive for the Switch?

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