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hey guys what's going on it's Will AKA SmallCityGuitar from Boss Nation gaming and we're here to talk about the Nintendo switch the console finally got revealed today nintendo released a three-and-a-half minute long video and teasing us about what it's all about so we're going to go through and check out some screenshots Alright guys so what we're going to go over is i have some screenshots from the reveal video the Nintendo launched at 10:00 Eastern this morning so i am not going to be playing the reveal video itself if you want to watch it in its entirety it's on Nintendo's YouTube channel what we're going to be doing is we're going to be going through some screenshots and kind of looking at the important details and what we can find out about the hardware and some of the software on the Nintendo switch so let's just jump right in so this first screenshot here we got a guy sitting on his couch playing the new Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild which looks pretty sweet so as we move on to the next screenshot we can see some more gameplay from the game Link's riding on a horse battling some enemies in the tall grass looks super sweet and as we move on to our next screenshot we have our first glimpse of the console so there's there's not a lot you can really tell you can see some ports on the side and obviously the Nintendo Switch logo on the front and then some sort of device which appears to be in a cradle and we'll figure out what that is in just a moment so we see the guy get up from the couch walk towards TV and then he is taking the controller apart he slides the left and then the right 1/3 off of the controller and you'll see that he then puts it on the device that was in the cradle so he's sliding on what you now see are the two halves of the controller and then lifts up the screen and is starting to play the legend of zelda in his hand which is super awesome so all the rumors about the console being portable have now been confirmed so as we see in this next screenshot the man is taking his new Nintendo Switch which is now portable out to the park and he's playing outside so that's super cool so all the games can be played away from the home console and you'll see you'll see how in just a little bit so in this next screenshot we actually see how he is playing those games he's inserting a it's about the size of a 3DS cartridge it looks like but this does confirm the return of cartridges is the Nintendo Switch will not be using discs so it will probably be very easy to lose but I guess we'll find out when the console launches so in this next screenshot you can see the guys at an airport so he sits down next to this young lady who also has an Nintendo Switch and he's showing her how awesome he is at zelda probably and she's super impressed obviously you can tell by the look on her face so in this next screenshot the guy gets onto a plane and he kicks out a kickstand on the back of the device and plug in headphones Apple and then proceeds to slide off the controllers that he slid on in the first couple screenshots and then plays the game on the plane in this screenshot right here you can actually see a close-up of the controller there's a plus button which actually has the cross as defined it's not like the Wii controller where it's just a round button and then you see the familiar X Y A B configuration that is currently on the WiiU so he's just kind of kicking back while his flights going on playing the Nintendo Switch while this other dude sleeping and the other dude is looking out the window (laughing hysterically) Oh I can't do this anymore go watch the reveal trailer it's awesome thanks for watching guys.

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