“Nintendo needs to/should do X” Posts

When you create one of these "Nintendo needs to/should do X" posts, you may be creating unrealistic expectations or false views of something. Nintendo is a very large company, and I can almost guarantee that the thing that you believe Nintendo NEEDS to have, has already been considered by Nintendo.

Sharing your opinion isn't against the rules, but you can share it a more productive way. For example.

Good: "My Educated Guess on the Tegra chip powering the Switch"

  • Makes an educated guess
  • Willing to take criticism
  • Opens up people to click on it and discuss

Fine: "I hope Nintendo does X, it would be really cool!"

  • Is ok for discussion
  • People can discuss why it is/isn't possible or likely.

Poor: "Nintendo needs to have this much RAM for their OS or things won't work"

  • Is a debate, trying to prove others wrong, instead of a discussion
  • Leads people uneducated in the topic to not learn anything, or learn something that isn't true

Nintendo wants to succeed. They have spent far more time than probably all of us figuring their own system out. I urge people to consider the highly likely scenario: That Nintendo thought about "X" long ago and fixed it, or put it in, or determined that it wasn't needed, etc. When you say "Nintendo needs to do X", you miseducate the public about Nintendo, and possibly create false expectations.

tl;dr: Nintendo is a massive company, and they've been thinking about what they need to do / should do since they invented the Switch. If you really feel as though they've overlooked something, then please begin discussion on the topic, instead of claiming that you've figured it out and have the answer that Nintendo needs.

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