Nintendo not chasing VR is genius, here is why.

I was so hyped with VR stuff, ever since the Oculus Rift first popped up on Kickstarter. I chased the news and followed demos and it was all great.
And then Oculus/HTC Valve/ PS VR finally released their consumer ready headsets.
I was just about to buy the stuff, but I got to go to Gamescom, (first time ever) last year and I got to try them out.

I knew exactly what to expect and I was still awed by the experience. But it dawned on me.
This stuff has so much more room to improve.

The headsets are 1440p and 90 fps capable, and they have a decent FOV. But what’s stopping the next version from having a 25% wider FOV 4k and 120fps. And what’s stopping even the ones after that from having 4k per Eye for a maximum perceivable FoV and 300fps per eye. Well ,the answer is time for headset tech to improve and graphic tech to evolve to be powerful enough to support that.

The headsets are 500-800 bucks plus you need to machine powerful enough to handle that. So for myself, after experiencing them first hand, I decided that I should wait for a couple more generations, if each new one will float around the same price.

Now Nintendo realized that people like me, aren’t ready to dish out that much, at this time, and decided to go a different direction.
They went for bringing the home console experience that all of us love, and brought it without any drawbacks to the portable scene, all while maintaining a reasonable price.

Both VR and the NS are the same, in the sense that they bring new experiences to the masses. The NS brings it by enabling people to share gaming experiences with real live people (which I bet anyone of you guys would agree is better than just online play) easier and better than ever before, all while VR can only improve the individual experience.

But I find it genius that Nintendo is taking advantage of this time that is needed for VR to become truly mainstream, so they can take the part of our money which could have been spent on VR tech instead, had the NS never existed in the first place.

From that interview with Kimishima (that is probably still linked on the front page) where the NS is claimed to be powerful enough to support VR. After actually reading his comment: “The very simple answer is yes. We’ve said this before, and I feel like we’re saying it a lot, but we are interested and doing research into this field. The question, of course, is ‘What is the best way to bring virtual reality to our customers as a form of entertainment?’ Not just, ‘Hey, look! It’s realistic!’ or whatever, but what is the best way to use this technology to bring something fun to our consumer base? We are definitely looking at that.” I realized that Nintendo truly understands what VR games should be, and that is fun, immersive. And for that they don’t need to make the games realistic., its just a matter of what is the best way to bring this to consumers, while is also reasonably priced.

TLDR. Nintendo just came in with a new gaming experience which is cheaper than VR, and is snatching the potential money used on VR from our gaming budgets. The NS is coming out at the right time.

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