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hey guys welcome to my youtube channel this is Un4givingRelentless and i'll be watching the Nintendo NX reveal live here on my laptop as you can see it's been revealed as a nintendo switch the next nintendo console has been named as nintendo's Switch it has a docking station detachable controllers and then handheld mobile device this looks fantastic zelda breath the wild looks awesome loving this im already loving the controllers and detachable controllers quality and they gonna going to feel good in your hands as you can see cartridge goes on the top quite tiny maybe SD size might be customs not sure yet you have foot stand at the back so you can just stand it up on the desk on the table you insert headphone jack through the top you then you can control it remotely like a remote control even when it's you're using a mobile looks like a pro gamepad this looks also similar to the xbox one ok because some guys going in a car they look like they're and some multiplayer and super mario kart in the back of a car this is just to cool this is fantastic i love these controllers theyu look miniature but very nice giving me that old nes feel okay we're gonna have some team battling team battling basketball like some sort of NBA game must be NBA 2016-2017 it has like a central unit to the joypad with the detachable controller goes might be like a wireless of charging device you detach the controller's you put it back on the main screen you pull it off pull it out again also play multiplayer on the go so you know just playing by yourself you can actually playing multiplayer on the go with the detachable controllers you can have two people playing with one device this looks like some tournament they look like the getting ready for some tournament yeah okay what's the tournament is a spaltoon yeah okay this setup looks fantastic i can't wait to see this in real life when they start actually I'm in real life tournaments like this this is going to be totally cool the future games like metroid and zelda and who knows maybe next goldeneye I'm so impressed but Nintendo they've done it again this like when the wii first came out and everybody was hyped for it everybody wanted it this fantastic everybody's going to want this everyone's gonna be sold out as soon as this is available for order i will put the link in description so please check out the links and place your orders or this is the party developers the amount of god i can c sega Capcom I can see whole bunch of that activsion oh yeah this looks really cool man i'm really looking.

in to this alright thanks for watching please don't forget subsribe when you get a chance just head over to the Nintendo.

Com and check out their website you can have a detailed look at the new console see what you think if you guys if you liked the video give it a thumbs up if you didn't like it give it a thumbs down anyway this is my first video thanks for watching and give please give me some feedback i was recording this quite late so any feedback is welcome thanks guys over and out.

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