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If you want to do a game Where would you start? Some people want to say a story or explore a hypothetical Some people wanted the player to experience certain feelings, such as fear and Achievements Others are used to simulate reality through technology, such as planets and the universe Of course, there are more people from the existing games to pick a reference is Then added a few new elements into Nintendo difference Whether it is developing a new game in the Mario series or add a chapter Nintendo's goal is always the same New play So what do you play in the game, how to play Is everything the game Whether it is the role of design Or foe mechanism And even the game's music, too "We are doing the game," so to speak ─ Shigeru Miyamoto He is the author of Mario, Zelda, and a plurality of series of works Pike Min "We first built a solid foundation.

" "Then at the time and enjoy the ambition permission from the core issue wanted to create.

" Therefore, in this episode GAME MAKER'S TOOLKIT One of the world's best game development company we want to look at How the "game priority" case of success Many beginning of the game, let Nintendo game characters to do something new point Now deceased military level Yokoi said (GAME BOY developer) I want to control the player first with a role as a reference point Then I will be rethinking Quebec fun Creative Thinking out in this model is the most famous character He is ─ You should all know that he called "Mario" But in fact just debut, his name is "JUMPMAN" Because the fat Italian plumber has the qualities to beat ─ He would jump In 2D and 3D game where he not only has the most dynamic and personality jumps His fame: Super Mario Brothers Is full of jump elements Mario jump on platforms, kicking through the water Crashed through bricks, made props Which includes a transmitter bouncing fireballs from annoying 45 Horn Fire If you want to shoot your behalf prospective, you have to jump Finally, the bottom of the flag also put a brick So you want to cross the border, you can not be a non-jump Miyamoto had intended to join only to cross the border through the checkpoint shooting in the game But finally abandoned the idea because ─ "We want to focus on the" jump "on" Do not forget "crushed the enemy," the way down This is so even if the concept seems to take for granted Like Sonic, Aladdin, with countless roles do But you must know Nobody do it before Mario "Jump in a game, how to defeat the enemy is only reasonable?" Miyamoto from this problem has been crushed enemy this answer Games focus on a single and powerful mechanism greatly benefit When only through a mechanism to interact with the game almost everything Nintendo gamers can do a simple operation and bland But may be interactive content is variegated When it comes to Pike Min series, Miyamoto said: "The basic concept is very simple.

" "The Pike Min thrown out of work, then told them to come back.

" "Then, with the ability to be used with Pike Min Strategies' "Expand the door full of play possibilities.

" Examples of other unique gameplay like "shot gun" "Inkjet juice" "Into a painting.

" "Harvest carrots" "Using the vacuum cleaner.

" In Game Cube in the Luigi's Mansion Luigi almost exclusively through the vacuum cleaner to interact He can not even jump Than his brother to break the challenges by way of jump Luigi with a vacuum cleaner to solve the puzzle, draw ghost collect treasures, confirm traps, and more While some developers would say that their games are about discrimination Is discussing ideology Or the description and the decline of the American frontier How many games only care about how you use the vacuum cleaner? When Nintendo need to add additional mechanisms in the game These mechanisms can be attached to the core For example, large paintball combat can do is swim in the ink jet ink in juice When you need to add ink or climb high platform As long as the ink is ejected to swim like No need to press the other key Awesome Of course, not all games are based on a new mechanism Nintendo has never been with a new game with the famous character Or industry usage ─ new IP (intellectual property) Mario brothers can bear only so much stuff But Nintendo game or in the "new play" as the main driving force So sometimes just for a change in the existing mechanism This may be included in the 3D world remake 2D gameplay Like Super Mario 64 And The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time It may also contain content that novel repackaging old mechanism Like Super Mario Galaxy, although they are still in the "jump" but adds a mini-planet gravity Or like Pike Min 3 or directing Pike Min But this added challenge of simultaneously operating the three main characters Sometimes focusing on the impact of Nintendo game system play Such as a map mask three-day limit Mu Seurat and Metroid (Metroid) of interconnected In any case, must be given the opportunity and power through a new play Otherwise, say ─ ─ Nintendo game does not make sense to do this Miyamoto fans want to know when the new F-Zero, he said.

"I want to ask these players, why do you want the new F-Zero?" "What else do you want to do and we have not come out?" For Miyamoto, the "better picture and do a racing game.

" The idea is that there is no way of understanding Nintendo game designer Jie love the same design principles In the form of services Briefly, the appearance of an object depends on the object's function It should be appreciated from the University of Miyamoto during the Industrial Design That is why Boubou (Boo) will shyly covering her face when you stare Why Super Mario world toward your enemy looks like a quarterback But also why the yuan Zumaliou brothers when Nintendo remake Will stab into the game Turtle Turtle Because each person's natural reaction is "crushed" him Nintendo was not satisfied with this They also play as a new body, decided to show the beauty of the game When Paintball Wars game mechanics established producer Nogami said Heng "We next determined to play the role of the game with the world" So if you have the opportunity to play with the prototype stage version of paintball Daisakusen You'll find your control is a big tofu In order to clearly distinguish the ink jet patterns, swimming patterns of game mechanics Designers decided the "Mexican spirit" role Some creations derived from an extension of the role of game mechanics Like the Z-lock to anthropomorphism, Ocarina of Time became the Navi In Super Mario 64, or in the cloud with a new camera turtle And or Luma, Mario usually hidden inside the hat when the rotation is completed would incite attacks supplementary remind In this case, play is not just an abstract system Could become a part of the game world indispensable Paintball Wars producer also revealed that not because inkjet juice is like painting graffiti Games will bring the art style punk rock music of the 1990s Similarly, the reason why Mario Sunshine Location occur in tropical island Shot gun simply because this mechanism allows designers to think of summer Game mechanics and even affect the performance story I'm sorry to break your heart, but The Legend of Zelda story Never a great story feast But more simple "To bring out the most interesting elements of the game with the best gaming experience.

" Deceased Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said so Gods divine triangle 2 reason why there is a madness artist as evil battle Nintendo is needed because you can make Link into a painting grounds Ocarina of Time even loved by everyone, the story is also reason Buguoruci Shigeru Miyamoto wanted to play with children and teenagers in the same paragraph version of Link game So scriptwriters had broke out of a space shuttle Terrier While this story sounds very creative way to pull But you can ensure that players of the game as the story has a deep connection Yoshi's Island used to be considered, the story is in the protection of baby Mario The game mechanics are also protecting your baby Mario Most developers from another perspective They create stories, characters and the world Then in turn be used to consider how to match the kind of game mechanics It is not unexpected rarely very successful man Well, I know I should not take instructions from Nintendo's game development for God Then coated with mud that the other team is not on the wall ── should not it? No, no, Nintendo occasionally messed up Other teams also get the right direction when Independent teams are particularly good at starting from a special play forward I also love to make melee attacks entirely on the point of Doom track Rooted in the heart of the battle Blood can At the same time closely linked with action You can even use the melee button to open the door Like Samus to shoot through the door Doom is probably the closest to a development philosophy but Nintendo Nintendo will not make the game Portal (Portal), a solid core concept is just wonderful making a concise and intelligent No wonder Miyamoto would think that this game "stunning" Because for Nintendo is, how to play the game more than anything else important Not only is the springboard for the new project, but also includes other elements in the game Enemies, art style, location, music, stories and role Was chosen, was made out of the game is to build core infrastructure And when all the games are telling you how to play When playing the game not only easy to use but also easy to put This is why one of Nintendo's games in the market is so distinctive of the biggest reasons They are more playful than the other games, like Toys They are more attractive, more accessible, but still rich Honestly, most of them are designed for the most ever beautiful game Thus, although there is some missteps along the way and bumps We are ready Waiting for this indicator of the development team in Japan to re-create what strange and interesting ideas Thank you for watching This vast collection project a little more, but I hope that you understand why so addictive Nintendo Reach hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscription I hereby offer second extreme gratitude While those who took time to translate movie subtitles people GAME MAKER'S TOOLKIT funded by fans via Patreon These people will not fund independent game reviews and feel empty There are many benefits, such as additional video video recommendations, game reviews, and more And people donate $ 5, you can see their names in the end of the film.

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