Nintendo raising + controlling the hype; marketing lessons learned?

So I wanted to just talk about Nintendo's marketing strategy. Have they learned the lessons of the WiiU?

They let the Internet boil over, remember the NX subreddit? It was literally just at the breaking point for people to stop caring as it was getting silly then BAM! A trailer reveal, with just enough info to whet an appetite. Point blank notice.

They let it simmer for a couple of days and then hyped us up with a January date for more details, just close enough to be excited and to capture people after Xmas (Xmas money gifts used for pre-orders?)

The leaks and rumors are rolling here and there, people are slowly confirming games; is this part of Nintendo's strategy to slowly let people talk or is it just people letting stuff slip? The guessing is quite fun now and not 'stressful' like it sort of seemed back in the 'NX' days. It's more "wow this could actually happen".

At any rate, they are doing an excellent job of keeping the hype alive and I haven't been so excited for a console full reveal in many many years.

What do you think of Nintendo's strategy? Paying off? Frustrating?

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