Nintendo Switch [All about Nintendo NX ] [Must Watch]

Hello guysThis is Pranay Welcome to my channel "Takeiteasy" I am gonna tell you about Nintendo Switchin this video Nintendo Switch is a new gaming console byNintendo It looks like thisand there is a very special feature in this deviceNow you will no longer need 2 devices to play all Nintendo's big gamesThe Switch is a two-in-one device that you can play at home or on the road.

Though not while driving obviouslyThe core of the device looks like a tablet, with a moderately large screen in the middle.

You just charge up the battrey then carryit around and play it wherever you are.

Then, when you're home, you simply pop itinto the TV-connected dock and keep playing on your 50 inches flat screen, picking upright where you left off in the same games.

It's a more powerful handheld than anythingNintendo's built before, by far, but now with the flexibility to get the home experiencetoo.

It's controllers are detachable and it's alsoan on-the-go multiplayer device you can play multiplayer games with you friendsand siblings even when you're travelling The switch uses cartridges or memory cardsfor games It seems that it is not a touch device bywatching it's trailer There's a pro controller tooIt's not fully clear yet but you can use the pro controller when you're on the go and itscoming in march 2017 that's all guythank you for watching this video Please comment, share, like and subscribe.

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