Nintendo Switch, an optimal console for members of PC master race?

There seems to be very much hate from Xbox and PS4 players towards Nintendo Switch, it actually starting to be a bit amusing at this point. But as always (pc/mac, android/iphone etc.), people freak out if anyone is paying any attention to something they aren't on board with.

IMO Switch is the best console of this era for PC players. At least for me, PC is and always will be the "workhorse" when it comes to shooters, strategy games and all those serious BFs, CODs, Witchers, and REs. But to have a console to enjoy all these casual games on. Sit down on a couch and just have a go at Zelda, Mario and all the classics on the virtual console (+ the games that are just meant to be played on a TV, like South Park: FBW). And definitely not going to forget about the portability. Now I have a possibility to have all these games with me on-go. That's amazing. For me, buying Xbox or PS4 makes no sense, but Switch really does. Preorder set for Zelda, Switch and Pro controller and I'm FREAKING HYPED OUT OF MY MIND

PS. How good would South Park: Fractured But Whole be on Switch? Fingers crossed.

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