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Hey on today's IGL Podcast we're talking to nintendo NES classic edition and the Nintendo Switch both stick around nailed it hey guys welcome back to the idea podcast I'm Justin genteel I'm AJ I'm Kyle they don't have last names my dog ate my last night i should certainly I'm Kyle Duncan Graham I'm AJ tumors but i don't believe that only have one name that's okay did you forget your you guys got to keep watching to find out what that stands for but today we're celebrating nintendo November that no November to think we're doing did you guys I'm here about it so so Kelly yes I heard about remembering LOL no yes heart attack nintendo November November nintendo nintendo November 10 close member worlds are working on the workshop that one a little longer i'll denver temp in Tino anyway we're gonna celebrate this month because man we got there Oh independent classic there is the NES classic edition rather 5929 hopefully you guys can get it by now is a little look I'm ricey today it was a kind of holiday or women like getting it the day it was with a was or whenever you know I try but whenever it happened apparently there was some issues ordering that for people if you're an Amazon Amazon was going into does that though you guys then Tendo does that they always limit the thing they want the access to the thing so they create clamor you've made a million of these you could have made it so many of these you can literally just put it on my you know I want one I want more than what you know I want to send us three up right now but I'm Cleary you want to see matter and institutions anymore you're gonna 30 gear included in the console I have some friends s**t my kids we're talking about only 1000 here yeah but i'm not sure i want my stuff that though I have some friends even that weighted online literally waited anybody we don't good morning because you deserve it while they waited outside of the building online world like it like that wait another long I waited in line going to see it took the way that I say Mario's is apparent cause I say Merry oh sorry yeah area is a mario our wire like 180 records 107 hassle looking for like Mario how it sounds like and look like I'm re yeah because I shouldn't fire our brothers it sounds like very natural normal meet and then when you guys say it's like that's the way ya SE out another thing all about you sorry like everything that falls in your mouth sounds like a bagel from a Jewish deli and for you know something about my nose no one knows you knows that it back to the haha haha 30 games are included on that you've got like your run-of-the-mill super Mario's you got your doctor yeah you know super mario documentario the same guy could you believe it no got a job he spent longer here's dr.

he spent six years of Community College for that tile is what you think what you want to look good on my college to the or that yeah I was gonna say phoenix online university but if you want to go with some local hangouts waterside opportunity college softball pilots and believers very specific major brother Luigi his brother Luigi when you're playing on the ends don't have a football program it doesn't enable ok look this isn't a podcast about football most about Nintendo this month no let's go I don't know see now we're thinking about starting about football Long Island sorry well there are some light it's very well I want to talk about it likely games that are on this s**t nes classic there's so many shares and there's weird stuff to the wooden sort of expecting ice climbers which is a very old classic game for them nice if they could finally like kind of bring it back as a there in super smash brothers but it's not like they made like a remake of ice climbers are any right to bring the back startropics is on the NES I've never got the memo a chance right now I have a chance the original final fantasies on there which is original that I boil so good you know that in terms of my like history with it i think the only thing really missing or kind of like the licensed games because you know the issues of you know there's not gonna be any mickey mouse game 10 on the NES classic raining like that unfortunately but a lot of my time was spent plan you know Mickey's castle adventure and believe that either we're gonna play it I want your final lap times we had on we went endo almost what if you want to see us play any retro games please read as well play anyway us right away like I give you my post addresses from basic just send them a picture and send a pigeon to the studio yes send a carrier pigeon battlefield one style send it to us like you want me to play castlevania silence quest alright well thank you pigeon if we can we keep it as a pet for ya the other thing that was announced it is is not so much this month what's that recently announced recently hasn't really been anything else announced about it but the Nintendo switch so we're going from First Consul to the newest console of so stoked I'm arming allowed excuse me but no away tablet sort of yeah what is it's a tablet it's a is everything self-contained like 130 million is the two controllers right that the controller's the controller's a fix on to the side of the unit but if you're playing multiplayer you can also use that controller with your friend you could pass to control the wrong way that I have two controllers that's super awesome and one I think in China remember we're both whatever we play whatever the cool awesome s**t they're going to me we don't even know God if Skyrim is going to be on there they said it was going to be on there and then but instead actually we're not really working on that but maybe it will maybe we'll which one contender was just like yeah Skyrim is gonna be other because it's like telling it what a day what they say today they ok it's gonna happen okay we'll do that you have to switch coming out March 2017 very excited not much is the thing that got me that is a good that's a really good question yeah does it look it looks like Star Trek technology we got the screen inside yeah that's imagine that I don't know but that's what I look at it I like what I see so when I side see something like that like that's too expensive but like Nintendo's good thanks Mary about 350 element may be made right different house I don't know yeah it does it looks so futuristic that is sexy and amazing and I'm like everything about the price metabolites you're like a lie pad second Royal warheads like five more nine that's what I'm yeah is that you have two controllers that go on to that too that's got to be more money they don't cost nothing like a chance for me it does look a transport and we're gonna be a second a transformer like the new God is going to be on it rattles loves rather the wild I don't want to talk i'm going to play sexy kids were on it that can be again in sexy dress with the game a game at all and the game but Michael a pie down on the calendar I don't you live with yourself the game shooting mode course rules honey it's gonna get cold rude no i mean i'm watching like a doting mother's for I'm super excited for this all the game and seen that in the trailer like just everything about it looks so don't of the wild animals like when I wake up in the morning and i right oh my present a while brushing teeth baby remember Bob no I want one I want it now i'm super excited that this is no ando November hashtag nintendo no never yes segment I'm home ember we are doing intense more guarini the D&C not even now you guys hash tagging and remember ashtag nintendo memory for everyone at me how I want to thank you guys for watching for every 100 x thank you guys for having us i mean the check out other podcast ke paas arrangement you talking about I said stop making intended memory Nia thing it's not doing and Ronnie going to happen intended marina Rooney and I want to thank you guys for watching subscribe to us below check us out for everyone an idea i'm justin Maj I'm Kyle by now praise be to the gods already the gods of red have spoken.

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