Nintendo Switch and the Future of Consoles

if you are one of the three people that haven't heard already Nintendo's newest game system the switch has been sparking interest in gamers almost overnight when Nintendo's cool-looking concept of a console and mobile hybrid but will this new concept proved to be successful would have an effect on the console gaming industry as a whole or won't be another wii u gimmick console here are my thoughts on the Nintendo switch and the future of game consoles also before we continue with the video i'd like to remind you that celebrate 100 subscribers i'm giving away a copy of fallout new vegas on steam just click on the green that I'll link in the description make sure that you're subscribed to me on youtube and follow me on Twitter and you have a chance to win they give away anyway on with the video like the reveal trailer shows us the switch will be a home console and portable console hybrid which is pretty unique in and of itself but one thing that I haven't seen any other youtubers are really anyone else talk about what the switch is that the gimmick to this which doesn't change how you control the games that you play it changes how you use the console itself now I think we all know the Nintendo recently has been making their consoles almost reliance on gimmicks it started with the wii and its motion controls which sold very well and introduce a lot of more casual players into gaming heck without the wii I probably would have never become a gamer after the wii nintendo came out with a 3d is a portable console with the gimmick of 3d which I know I never really used but it's still sold very well especially compared to the ill-fated playstation vita after the 3Ds they made the wii u console with the gimmick of a second screen which did not sell very well at all and now we have the switch with the gimmick of being with a fully functional portable device as well as a nice home console which may sound like a bad idea since the nintendos last failure was built off of a gimmick as well but there's a very big difference between the type of gimmick the wii u was based around and the gimmick that the switch is based around like I previously stated Nintendo's previous console gimmicks all change the way you have to control the games on these consoles with the wii you didn't have the generic four buttons a d-pad two analog sticks and trigger buttons that most seventh-generation consoles had you only had a d-pad a couple buttons and motion controls to work with so ya needed to build your game around those controls with the 3ds you have to manage the second screen along with your buttons compared to them on and console to the time and a very low resolution so you had to build a game around that and same with the wii u but with the switch its gimmick doesn't come in the form of a second screen or fancy wacky controller instead the gimmick comes in the form of the ability to play however whenever and wherever you want this could completely change the game console landscape as we no longer need a console at our house and one on a plane or in the car somewhere else we get all the power we want wherever whenever and however we wanted while I can't see into the future of course i have a very strong feeling that if Nintendo can pull this off well this could cause a huge change in game consoles for the future no longer the days where you must buy a home console if you aren't already a member of the master race as well as a portable console for good on-the-go gaming there are of course some potential issues with this concept for one how long will the battery in the system last three hours eight hours 14 hours 2 how much will it cost 200 400 800 dollars like I said there are a lot of potential problems with this concept but i think that nintendo could pull this off but what effect will it have on normal consoles in the future personally I think that the switch could change the entire console gaming landscape but it all comes down to one question how many units will it sell now yes I no other questions like how good with a third-party support be or how many m rated games will be on the system are important but all these questions are nearly subsets of this main question at this which doesn't sell very well well they will lose third-party support fast just like the wii u did but if it sells great i am positive it will change future consoles forever maybe even if it only tells a moderate amount a system that can be played anywhere at any time however you want with whatever games you want playing with whoever you want is something that the game industry could really benefit from and when it comes down to it that's what the switch is all about no fancy controller no wacki gimmick it's just about playing games anywhere you want whenever you want however you want and with whoever you want not to mention that this system can get some really good newer games on it it can sell even better just think a match of smash 4 with your younger brother on a plane to Las Vegas hours of dark souls 3 at the abandoned graveyard if you are a edgelord of course diablo 3 with your significant other on a bus ride to another state or even some good old mario kart under the desk of a middle school this is what gaming is all about anyway those are my thoughts on the switch and the future of game consoles and once more thank you for viewing.

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