Nintendo Switch Announcement! What happened to NX ?!

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I'm Olivia and today we'regonna be doing a quick video because Nintendo has finally announced the new Nintendo Switch.

Woo-hoo! So it's called the Switchnot the NX, first point.

We've seen some really coolfootage in their trailer so there's going to be a new Mario Kart.

We've seen some great footageof the new Zelda game, which looks awesome I cannotwait to get a hold of that.

We've also seen some people being extremely antisocialat some parties, taking their Nintendo Switch with them.

As obviously it's a dual gameso you can have it at home, you can have it on the go.

The controllers just attach from it so that looks really cool,you can share it with friends.

So yeah I think so farit looks quite exciting and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

So I think my first impression was "Ooh, a new Zelda game!" And I got really excited about that and then they started going into some more closeups of the controller.

So first thing I kindathought was well it does look quite different tothe Wii U controller.

It does look quite cool.

So I think they'vedefinitely improved on that, which is exciting.

And then they did the wholelike taking the controllers off and like you put the screendown and your playing on it.

You can get your friends to play on it and then you can do like multiplayer mode with two screens and like four controllers and it just looked like so much fun.

Actually looks like it's gonnabe a really cool social game.

It kinda takes me back to like, you know, childhood days when you getall your friends around.

Everyone would be likeon Mario Kart and you'd do like a Mario Kartmarathon for like eight hours until your parents, youknow, you drove them crazy and they made you all come home.

So I think it's gonna be like that but, you know, we can play ituntil 4 o'clock in the morning and it would be finecause we're grown ups now.

It seems like the rumors were spot on.

Having looked the videoI think they've really nailed it from a marketing perspective.

Vastly improved in comparisonsto Wii U messaging.

So we've actually got apretty good understanding now of what the controlleris, what the console is, how they work together,how they work separately, all the benefits out of havingthat kind of dual system.

So I think, you know, so far so good.

It looks really positive.

It'll be interesting to see what the kind of lookand feel of it is like.

I think, you know, ofthe Wii U controller.

I kinda feel a bit embarrassedtaking that out in public.

You know, playing it, showingpeople what it looks like, whatever it's just a big clunkykind of ugly looking thing.

Whereas this controller andthe little screen it comes with it almost looks like an iPad type thing, with controllers attached at the sides.

It looks really nice and sleekand, you know, clean lines and the controllers arereally like quite small that you can play with,where you detach them.

So yeah overall, I thinkI'm quite impressed with the images that we've seen so far.

Something else we saw is cartridges.

We're getting cartridges back.

It's like the 90s all over again.

All we need now is Pokemon.

Oh wait we're getting Pokemon too.

Woo-hoo! (laughing) We've been given a releasedate of March 2017.

So we've got like anotherfive months of, you know, having to wait and also wedon't know the price yet so I think we're going to have to live with a few months of Nintendo teasing us.

But you know that's fine I can wait.

I can be patient.

My birthday's in March so maybe it can be a birthday present.

Also it's open to third-parties.

So I'll be interested to seehow third-party game developers and game companies actually go about developing games for the new product.

If they do, what they're gonna be like.

And actually if the console'sgonna be powerful enough to support triple A games.

I don't know about you guysbut I am really excited about the new Zelda game.

I think the footage that'sbeen released so far looks amazing.

I am so excited about that.

So it's Zelda: Birth of the Wild.

I think the graphicsactually look pretty cool.

It kind of feels a bit old school.

I think it looks like areally beautiful game.

It's gonna be hopefullya lot of fun to play.

But yeah the game play looks great.

Kind of the various differentattack scenes that we've seen, some of the skills and theflying and the blowing things up.

The kind of, you know,traditional Zelda footage.

It looks really cool.

So I'm excited about giving that a go.

Obviously we saw the horse racing scene so I don't know about you guys but one of my favoritethings about the Zelda game, points in the game anyway was when you finally got the horse and it felt like youwere like, "Ah, freedom.

" It was so much fun.

So yeah, we get to do that again.


So yeah, really lookingforward to trying that out in March 2017 as well.

So I've got some interestingquestion to think about.

We'd love to know what youguys think of the new name.

Obviously, being calledSwitch instead of the NX.

Personally, I think I prefer NX.

I don't know that seemslike the standard thing with the Nintendo, where theycome out with a name for it when they're developing it and then they change it tosomething completely different, where it's actually released and it's just never as cool.

and it's just never as cool.

It just never sounds as cool.

So, but you know what,this one's actually okay.

I think Switch is alright.

I can live with that.

Other things to think about,so what do you guys think about actually using the controlleroutside of your home and taking it with youand it being portable in comparison to likeusing it in your home? Are you likely to do both? Do you think you're going to actually use that portable controlleron a regular basis? And take it out andplay with your friends? Do you think it's really gonna be just more of a stay at home console? So yeah we'd love to knowyour thoughts on that guys.

So definitely let us know.

Let's have a bit of a conversation going in the comments below.

(rock music).

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