Nintendo (Switch) Community in Sweden (Göteborg)/Switch Preview Event Kungsbacka

Hej mina vänner,

I was interested in finding or potentially building up a small local gaming community esp. regarding Nintendo here in Gothenburg. Since most of the like-minded communities I see are either not taken care of anymore or slowly faded out over time.

With this post I wanted to test the waters a little bit if there is any interest in the first place for having a tighter community together. I am not sure which form it should take. Either we create a small Subreddit, a discord or a Facebook group could all work out.

Why I think this could be potentially interesting and what could be the purpose of it? * We could keep up a lively discussion about all things Nintendo/Videogames

  • Have the opportunity to discuss local events As most of you probably know the messaging by Bergsala AB is sometimes a bit ambiguous so we could potentially help each other there, as well as inform each other about events. E.g. we had the Pokémon 20th anniversary distribution last year and the distribution of those codes was sometimes a bit messy. With a community we could inform each other better when those distributions really start.

  • Of course we could also just play together, trade Pokémons or Streetpass together

  • Maybe even MeetUps could be possible later on, since now the Switch will give us great power to enjoy home console experiences together and when we are out and about.

  • I think overall a sense of community would be nice. I guess I am not the only one with a well-established circle of friends who lacks like-minded video game enthusiasts. It is sometimes hard to contain the excitement and opinions to one self. Writing some occasional entry on reddit or listening to podcast just doesn't cut it. Bouncing off ideas with others would be a great thing.

This could easily be expanded over whole Sweden with little sub-groups for the major cities or Län. I think this could have a great potential for a more lively video game culture.

The main questions are:

  • Would anybody here be interested in building up such a community or does anybody know of a community that roughly matches the criteria as stated above that one could join?

  • Secondly I wanted to ask again who is going to the Switch Preview Event in Kungsbacka tomorrow or on Sunday?

Hälsningar, Corrussion


  • Is there interest in building up a Nintendo enthusiasts community in and around Gothenburg (or Sweden)?
  • Who is going to the Switch preview event over the weekend?

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