NINTENDO SWITCH : Cosa aspettarsi dalla prossima console

Yesterday finally Nintendo revealed the new gaming consoleNINTENDO SWITCH This Next Gen Console will be sold on March 2017 Nintendo comes with a new Controller ideaThe Switchable Joy-Con That will let us to Switch from Home Consoleto Portable Console Depends upon place, we can choose to use them with Dock Support or to play Multiplayer with Friends.

Entertaiment increase as we add players We can play with two gamers inSlpit Mode screen full screen or over multiple console joined togheter.

For pretentious gamers will be sold separatlya more classic controller NINTENDO SWITCH PRO Again Nintendo comes back toCartdrige System leaving discs to Sony and Microsoft A little plastic foot will let usto place SWITCH Portable horizzontaly and we can use headphones Lastly, maybe, a special car support will be aviablein the future Let's see some games that we will seefor sure at DAY ONE Like always : ZELDA SKYRIM The Classic MARIO KART NBA SUPER MARIO and SPLATOON This is what we can supposefrom the Teaser Thank you a lot for Watching Now you can watch the Official Trailer / Teaser right head.

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