Nintendo switch home console marketing

I feel like Nintendo are kinda shooting themselves in the foot by marketing the switch as a home console, because it's leaving it open to comparisons to the XBO and ps4. If it was a handheld it would have no competition whatsoever (other than phones) and Nintendo handhelds always do good because they tend to have minor competition, great handheld exclusives and a big fanbase. Nintendo has a dedicated handheld userbase and there are series that the handhelds get that literally sell consoles. So games like Pokémon.

The fact that it's being marketed as a home console leads to questions such as whether 3rd party games on other consoles will make it to the switch, and if they don't it'll set up disappointments. Think about it like this, CoD (for example) never came to 3ds, and no one cared because it's a handheld and everyone knows it has a different market. But CoD (for example) not coming to a home console is a big deal because it means it misses out on one of the biggest 3rd party series currently.

Then there's power. The switch as a handheld is very powerful, and if it was marketed as a handheld people would acknowledge how it is significantly better than than the 3ds and vita. But since it's being marketed as a home console we generally see that it is much weaker than the competition, and in power is retreading the power power gap between the GameCube and Wii (I.e. no significant graphical upgrade).

In terms of size, it's only really wider than a 3dsxl. Nintendo handhelds haven't been very portable for a long time if you got the xls which are popular and the old consoles like advance and GBC were fairly bricky. I mean you could put a 3dsxl in your pocket but it'd feel pretty noticeable and most people carry bags to put their consoles in which is just more convenient. So I think the switch being a tad bigger than usual handhelds doesn't mean it can't be a portable console.

To me the switch is a handheld that can be docked and not the other way around, so I've got this preordered day one and am excited for it. Just had some thoughts about how they're marketing it.

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