Nintendo Switch “Local Multiplayer” – Concerns

Ever since the Switch was announced, I have been extremely hyped to get my hands on one. I plan on camping out to pick one up on day one. The concept is brilliant! After some thinking though, I realized that local multiplayer is a major concern for this console. Especially with casual players, such as families.

"Just Dance 2017" was the game that brought this to my mind. If the Laura Kate Dale rumor is accurate, Just Dance uses the Joy-Cons as motion controllers to track your movement, so, in order for more then two people to play locally, the Joy-Cons would have to be sold separately. I can't imagine how this would work… maybe you could buy a Joy-Con bundle that includes the Grip as well as the L & R controller? Mario kart 8 Switch would also be a game that could potentially use motion controls.

For the larger multiplayer games like the new 3D Mario, the Switch Pro controller is great for more hardcore gamers like you and me. The problem with it though is if its the only option for local multiplayer. I feel like it would cause confusion with the casual consumer wanting to buy an extra controller.

TLDR: How do you think Switch local multiplayer will work? Do you have to buy a pro controller for everyone person you want to play with, or will the Joy-Cons be sold separately?

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