NINTENDO SWITCH (NX) | Breakdown and Overview

Nintendo has just released unveiled the previouslycodenamed NX: The Nintendo Switch.

It's a mix of between both a home consoleand a handheld portable console.

The trailer released by Nintendo shows usa little more of how this console will operate.

The Nintendo Switch features the following hardware: The base device is refered to as the "NintendoSwitch Dock" The tablet device which connects to the NintendoSwitch Dock is refered to as the "Nintendo Switch Console".

Next we have the removeable controllers.

They will act similarly in wireless functionto the Wii remotes packaged with the Nintendo Wii when it released back in 2006.

But this isn't 2006, it's 2016 and these arebeing called the Joy-Con L, and Joy-Con R controllers.

When attached and snapped into the Joy-ConGrip, they form the main method of control on the Nintendo Switch when in console mode.

When connected directly to the "Nintendo SwitchConsole", it forms the main control method while in mobile mode.

The Joy-Cons can also be removed for mobilesingle or multi-player game modes.

When you head back home wanting to game inyour living room, the Nintendo Switch Console just connects to the Nintendo Switch dock and gameplay happens on your Flat Screen TV.

Last and finally not least, we have the "NintendoSwitch Pro Controller".

A traditional ergonomic and comfortable controllerfor heavy game play sessions.

Of course, the console will take flash memorybased game cartridges, otherwise known as GameCards.

The Nintendo Switch also has console to consoleconnectivity for local multiplayer games and judging by the Joy-Con grip player identificationLEDs seems to support up to 8 players.

The console also has substantial 3rd partysupport and is due to release in March of 2017.

That's all for now! For our in depth analysis of the NintendoSwitch.

Click Here! Until next time, Game on, have fun and remember,don't forget to smile! :-).

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