Nintendo Switch OOBE (Out-Of-Box Experience) Wishlist

If there's one thing Apple does right, it is their initial unboxing and setup experience. It is some of the sleekest I've ever seen. Thus, here is how I hope we will receive Nintendo Switch:

You get the box from FedEx and tear it open. Inside, shrouded in bubble wrap, is a white paper box (think apple boxes). On the top is a red embossed Nintendo Switch logo with nothing else. The longer sides have the wide NS logo on one end, and the NVIDIA logo on the other. The shorter sides have nothing.

You rip the plastic wrap off the box and lift the lid. It comes straight up effortlessly, with no hinge. Immediately you see the console in the center, with the joy-con attached. Upon lifting the console out of the box you can access the joy-con grip, the dock, and the cables all in separate pockets.

Once you peel off those protective sticker things (god I love that feeling) and power on the console, you will be presented with a controller pairing screen. Simply press a button on each joy-con and they will be synced to the console. You can then choose to pair a pro controller, if you have one.

Once you have control, you go to the language selection screen, then you connect to wifi and log into your Nintendo account (or create one). It sets up your home screen and you're in action!

TL;DR: I want a very Apple-esque unboxing and setup experience. Seamless, simple, and beautiful.

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