Nintendo Switch Price Complaints

 This is to address those who have been complaining about how much the Nintendo Switch cost. When was the last time you paid $300 for a BRAND NEW Sony or Microsoft console? It was when the PS2 & Xbox first came out. Prices for their consoles have since then increased, an undeniable and inarguable fact. If you're comparing the price of the NS to what the PS4 & Xbox One are going for NOW, that's still not justified. Why, because those consoles are 4yrs old to date and it would be a marketing disaster if both companies still kept them at those prices while trying to push the upgraded versions of them. Mind you the PS4 Pro & Xbox Scorpio are NOT BRAND NEW consoles yet they're charging the same price for them as if the were, ranging from $399-$499 each. Now to get the full overall "experience" of what those two a offering, you have to spend quite a bit more than that. Let's take the Pro for example, truth be told it was made to accommodate both developers & PSVR. Not so much the consumer, that's an undeniable fact, so essentially we're more than likely getting what the original dev kits versions of these consoles were just a few tweaks here and there. It upscales resolution to 1080p & 4K (on those games made to do so mind you) and cuts down on loading times. Most, if not all, games have been made to render in anywhere from 720p to 1080p on both consoles. No, I don't count the upped storage in there because we can all do that ourselves and to be completely honest we can also cut down on loading times ourselves as well by simply swapping the HDD for a SSD. I've done so with a 1tb SSD and tested it out, it works. Even if only by for a minuscule time difference but the fact still remains, I DID IT ON MY OWN and it cost me a lot less. There aren't many households that even own 4k televisions, nor are they the standard on the market as of yet and probably won't be for another 3-4, 5yrs tops. So to experience those perks, one would have to first, buy a 4k tv which the cheapest goes for about $1100 and then buy a 4k rendered game. Thus far one has spent $1560 give or take but to get the full on Pro experience, the next thing to buy is the PSVR, which is priced at $399 and the PSM controllers STILL running for $99.99, as well as a VR game ranging anywhere from $39.99-$84.99. Making for a grand total of $2060 plus the cost of whatever game chosen... Yet the Nintendo Switch is too expensive being priced at $299 ?... Look let's all be honest here, the only reason why people said or rather feel it costs too much is because they don't feel any console Nintendo puts out after the disaster the Wii U turned out to be isn't going to be worth it... Even though the Wii U itself costed the same amount yet there was no such complaints that back then. If Sony or Microsoft had come up with this very same concept, with the very same specs because truth is the NS is actually a lower powered PS4 and put it out there for the same price as the PSVR, people would be eating it up like candy. That it's well worth that price because of how it's going to change gaming period, proclaiming it to be the absolute greatest and innovative console ever, on the sheer merit of what it can do and how they should've done so much sooner. Only because it would've had either Sony or Microsoft attached to its name and nothing more... We already saw this with the PS Vita. It costed $249 regular and $299 with the AT&T add-on. Mind you with that's with people knowing how bad AT&T was at that time, yet they still purchased that version of the Vita to their dismay later on down the road. The fact still remains NO ONE COMPLAINED ABOUT ITS PRICE and that's with full knowledge of how bad AT&T was and it being a flop everywhere else outside of Japan. Why is that you ask, simply because Sony's name was attached to it and nothing more... 

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