Nintendo Switch Price News!!!

how much what's up everybody Chris here giving you that Pearson opinion this time on the Nintendo switch pricing so since the reveal trailer the Nintendo switch the one most asked question has been how much is the thing that costs while nintendo of always excelled in the area while Sony and Microsoft always hike up their prices too unrealistic amounts looking back over Nintendo's consoles they've almost always been the cheaper option so what about the switch while in a recent earnings call the nintendo president hinted at the price a little bit he said regarding the price as we've been saying we are in principle not planning to sell at a loss we would like a wide variety of consumers to enjoy nintendo products we would also like to think in terms of the consumers expectations for our products so basically what is trying to say is that they don't want to sell the console at a loss like they have done in the past but they've set a certain expectation on the pricing that they want to kind of keep to keep all of us consumers happy for me this part in the price range of around three hundred dollars which is awesome the ps4 always looking to be around four hundred dollars and the Scorpio is looking to be around six hundred dollars in my opinion I think this gives a nintendo the edge of it compares I've already spoken about how Nintendo isn't skimping on power so the games are being released on the scorpio and the pro are actually being released on the previous generation as well which means that they can be ported to the switch so there's no real difference their thoughts the one thing that nintendo has that the others don't have part ability you can take those awesome games with you have anyway what do you think of the pricing of the console let me know in the comments below like the video if you did and do not forget to subscribe.

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