Nintendo Switch SURPRISE game from Ubisoft!!!

so it looks like Ubisoft has a surprise for us hey what's up everybody according to a few sources including gamerant the CEO of Ubisoft east yves guillemot this guy just loves the Nintendo switch right now so he said with nintendo's unique capacities and design nintendo could again redefine the way we play games the switch is accessible and it's core and we'll give people the freedom and the pleasure to share more experiences and play anywhere anytime the Ubisoft teams developing games for the switch are inspired by these new possibilities and I'm really happy that we're able to continue doing great things with Nintendo in addition to just dance 2017 I think there's at least one game that will definitely surprised you hmm i wonder what that game could be beyond good and evil 2 has been rumored for the nintendo switch for so long I personally haven't played the first game but I've heard so much good stuff about it so this is a great step up from the usual suspects brought a nintendo from Ubisoft stuff like rayman raving rabbids and just dance 2017 bringing a new title of that caliber not only entices gamers to come back to Nintendo but it also encourages developers to start making games for it too I feel like developers right now just a little bit cautious when it comes to the Nintendo switch they don't really want to commit to the console until they see how good sales are going to be but here's the thing first party games from the intended are the best but that doesn't mean they don't need the third party support going into the launch of the console to that's why Ubisoft being the first to take the leap of faith in nintendo is such a great thing because now it entices other developers to think okay well if they're going to do it then maybe we will too i'm looking at you bethesda anyway what are your thoughts on ubisofts new surprise drop me a comment below and let me know your opinion do not forget to subscribe and stay tuned for all things nintendo switch.

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