Nintendo Will Stop Making the Wii U

Nintendo will say goodbye to the Wii U gaming pad as early as this year.

The company that brought you Mario, Zelda, Super Smash Bros, Donkey Kong and other classics said on its website that "production is scheduled to end soon.

" It did not give any details as to when exactly.

While the news may come as a bummer for some, it isn't likely a huge shock.

Nintendo sold fewer than 14 million units of the Wii U, making it the company's worst-selling console.

While production will stop indefinitely in Japan, it could continue for a while in the U.


But that's probably unlikely because Nintendo is launching a brand new console next year.

The highly anticipated Nintendo Switch is scheduled to come out by March 2017.

So from all of us gamers, we'll see you, Wii U – or, I guess, we won't.

For NewBeat Social, I'm Molly Riehl.

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