Nintendo’a Past

I've wondered if all of the other Nintendo systems' specs were rumored months before they were released, would they have sold as they did? What I am getting at is why do Nintendo fans, or rather, people who have bought Nintendo systems in the past without question, suddenly care about specs? I'm not saying they don't matter because they do to a certain extent. But we have always wanted the next Nintendo system and we were excited about the games and multiplayer. Yes, I feel the Wii/Wii U brand has tainted many of our views on Nintendo, and yes we want the Switch to be powerful enough to be relevant in the market so that Nintendo will exist far into the future. But I feel that many fans want Nintendo to be a power house just to feel relevant. That somehow if Sony and Microsoft have great graphics and other functions, that we are "the red headed step child" if we don't keep up. When did Nintendo fans start caring what Sony and Microsoft fans think?

I guess I'm just wanting us to discuss why these rumored specs are consuming our thoughts and perspective of the Switch when it never effected us one way or the other with the SNES or GameCube. If Nintendo is inferior in power that's fine. If you want two different systems to get power and then another for IPs then do it. If you can't afford it, save up or make a sacrifice. Go to your friends to play their system. It is OK that the Switch is not the "silver bullet" of gaming. I for one am pumped about beautiful Zelda and Mario games and other such titles possibly being revived. Everything is going to be O…K…!

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