Nintendo’s [missed] dock opportunity…

[Wishful thinking:] You know what I think would have been amazing? If they had made the dock double (or whatever appropriate number) as a USB capture device of sorts. Or sold something like one. Even if it just passed the video through as a video signal akin to a live camera and let us figure out how to capture/record it (OBS, etc)… and/or perhaps even sold a program that could serve as a "Switch on Twitch/etc" streaming platform tool, with purchasable, game-relevant templates for streaming and publishing by prothusiast streamers… that would have been amazing. I guess it's not impossible for them [or someone else] to still make it happen. Of course it would also require them to adopt a more lenient online content/copywrite policy for the sake of publication.

… and at the same time they could turn that into an ambassador search, where quality content creators could earn privileges for later title launches, features in things like ad footage and/or other official content, special events, etc.

I suppose I'll just buy a capture device.

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