No controller audio jacks? R.I.P. monitor users?

So, it's pretty clear that the Switch has both audio jack and built in speakers that are meant to be used in handheld mode. But what happens when we have a monitor that doesn't support audio?

I use my monitor for both PC and PS4, getting audio from external speakers and headphones. As in the trailer ( and pls correct me if i'm wrong ) i find no jacks whatsoever on the controllers.

This obviously worries me, as i prefer playing closer to the screen and in monitors in general. The thing is, in the e-sports reference on the trailer, we can see players playing from a monitor with no headphones or anything.. So.. What are your thoughts? Will the Switch jack port work on some external speakers when in dock mode? Maybe the controllers do have jacks, (letting us have voice chat – Crucial to e-sports) ? or I am just doomed and i'll have to play muted in dock mode?

either way, definitely making the "switch"..

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