Nobody seems to remember this quote about the Switch’s power…

Guys. It's powerful enough.

It just is, idk how else to say it. Don't take this the wrong way, I just still see speculation on its power still, but whether it's up to snuff with current gen. hardware, has already been answered.

Look at this Pete Hines quote from a couple months back. He said, that if the NX (Nintendo Switch) is as powerful as the Xbox One, Bethesda would consider supporting it. I don't need to point out that they're not only on the big third party support image that was way bigger than the Wii U's, but one of their most iconic games (Skyrim[: SE]), was featured in the trailer, right?

The games on in the trailer-I can't see them not being confirmed. I find it hard to believe Nintendo would show us those games if they weren't already confirmed behind the scenes, especially after they did the exact same thing with the Wii U and consumers were disappointed. It's just too close to launch for that to happen again.

My point is, the Nintendo Switch is powerful enough. It's confirmed. NVidia has also said games are easy to port to, so I don't see any reason to stress about this aspect any longer until January. I'm not saying don't discuss it rn, but… it's kinda pointless? idk ?

Nintendo listened guys :')

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