Non split screen local multiplayer on switch?

Hey guys, I may be missing something here, but my were Bro and I were talking the other day about when we used to play sonic all star racing on wii u, and I'd use the TV screen and he used the Game pad (or vice versa) this was so cool. Local multiplayer without a split screen. I believe the COD games on Wii u had this feature too.

So I was wondering (and I have looked online, can't find an obvious answer) would I theoretically be able to take my switch to his, and then play multiplayer Mario kart local using my switch screen (and player profile) vs him playing on his TV screen (using his profile)?

To me (a total luddite) it seems that the function of this would be no different than two people with a switch each just meeting and playing local multiplayer only one of them has their Switch docked. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, and I aplogise if this has been answered before. But if it is possible, this would be yet another really cool local play option on top of all the others already outlined.

Colour me excited. 🙂

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