Not to be a total buzzkill…(x-post r/Nintendo_NX)

But everything about the "Switch" (what an ugly name btw, NX sounded cool and powerful) is exactly what we've seen before. "Exciting and innovative new features!" "The sides of the controller come off, allowing it to connect to a portable display!" To me, it seems like they've taken EVERYTHING THAT WAS EVER WRONG with the Wii U and tried, really tried to make it better. This looks gimmicky, half-baked, and impractical. As someone who invested in a Wii U a month after launch, I can say with full confidence that Nintendo's home consoles are all stupid gimmicks. I personally use my PS3 slim from 2010 more than I've used the Wii U, in its short lifespan, for about 4 years. They hit it lucky with the Wii (best console of all time BTW, the stars aligned) and they've been trying gimmick after gimmick in hope that people will like it. I already know it's gonna fail. They're releasing it next March, while the PS4 Pro and Scorpion will not even have come out yet. As this is a mid-gen console, I bet it will not only be launched while the other consoles still have 2-4 years on them, but it will also be chronically underpowered; as of the release compared to gen 8.5 with PS4 Pro and Scorpio, and as of the start of gen 9, with PS5/Xbox. The "at home and on the go" strategy does seem like a good idea in theory, but as they're going the Wii U route and having a zany, awkward controller as the center piece, and just releasing normal controllers as "Pro", it seems to merely be Wii U 2.0. I'm a Nintendo fan too, but test my belief.

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