nVidia Pascal Pros and how Waxwell stands up

  • more CPU processing power

altho ARM even in the 2 x Denver 2 4x A57 build the CPU has more computing power than current get consoles. Maxwell can pull this off sacrificing NOTHING.

  • more GPU processing power

compared to the prior Maxwell architecture, Pascal has about 30% increase in performance. Maxwell can achieve the same processing power sacrificing space and power consumption.

  • 3D High Bandwidth Memory



(for the non believers that there is a Pascal with 3D HBM, btw there are GPU's that handle 4K gaming with 4GB HBM)

Maxwell can't utilise 3D HBM

  • less Watts

the Pascal compared to the Maxwell is 20-60% more power efficient (performance-per-watt)

  • NVlink

interconnect is at least 16x faster and is used in the 16 nm FinFET+ manufacturing process.

  • less space on die

has more space for elements, can fit more in same space

  • lifespan

straightforward if Pascal is used the lifespan would be longer for the console, but – considering that streaming and supplemental computing device can be used on Maxwell the lifespan is not an issue.

sum things up and all the there are 3 pros for Pascal:

  • performance per watt

  • faster memory not more

  • NVlink (makes sense using when the interconnect bandwidth limit is an issue, happens on large scale dataflow, servers or ultimately 4K gaming)


nVidia skipped the 20nm manufacturing process, that should have been Maxwell on steroids, in favor of Pascal. I have serious doubts that the Switch will be Maxwell, but it doesn't make any difference, all the 3rd parties are giving good word for the Switch. we are all experiencing face-melting and not even opening the package, we should all take the chill pill, unless you want the Switch to do 4k gaming, than you should take some heavy meds.

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