Nvidia’s Custom API

The fact that Nvidia has stated that they have created a custom API for the switch hardware should have been enough to calm fears of a lack of third party support. Nvidia has stated that these APIs are meant to be able to fully take advantage of the switch's hardware. This should be extremely exciting, as a hardware developer also making APIs for developers to work with has never happened before, at least to my knowledge. This doesn't even happen on PC, well that should really be no surprise, given the infinite amount of hardware configurations that there are. DirectX 12 and Vulcan are great APIs, but the programmers for these could not have considered every possible hardware configuration. But Nvidia making their own custom API made from the ground up to work with their own chips, man, that's exciting, who knows how to take advantage of their hardware better than the people who made it? This isn't the case with PlayStation by the way, while they do make APIs for their consoles, the microprocessors were still designed by AMD.

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