OBE1’s Switchmas Day 2 and VR thoughts

So OBE1 just released his 2nd video in regards to the Switch leaks. He says that VR is going to be used on the Switch, not at launch, but "very soon." This was one of the last things I expected or wanted on the Switch. He even said that developers are working on VR Switch games right now.

Honestly I just can't see VR on the Switch especially with it being in 720p. I personally am not a huge fan of VR, I mean it is a great concept, but I don't see it successfully working for gaming it just doesn't seem feasible. In his video OBE1 talks about how the Joycons can be used as motion controls for the VR games, which I guess is kinda cool. I remember when the Kinect came out for the Xbox 360 and it was going to be a new innovation for gaming, now look at it, almost no one plays games or even uses the Kinect for their Xbox. I feel like the VR trend for gaming will die off quickly similar to the Kinect. I could care less if the Switch has VR I would much rather Nintendo give us something like 5+ hour battery life than for them to be worried about implementing VR into their new console.

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