Obvious or Not it needs to be said, for those that may not realize.

If the USB Type C connector breaks, the switch is basically useless.

Thankfully, Nintendo has gone well out of their way to protect it when docking the switch. To Prevent that one life line from getting damaged. Since the battery is not easily removed an external charger is out of the question. The dock would also be useless as it requires the USB C connector.

Whether you realized it or not, I think it's important to stress the fact that you need to keep the USB C port safe from damage.

To put it in perspective, if you dropped the switch and shattered the Screen making unusable, the Switch could still dock and function in TV Mode without issue. In fact we might even see people buying Switches with broken screens in a year or two just to use them In console mode only. But if the USB C Port breaks, you can't dock it, and the battery will die with no way to recharge it.

Perhaps Nintendo Thought of this too, I hope anyway. There are generally three ways mobile devices/Laptops handle A/C Adapters.

1 Soldered Directly to the Motherboard.

This type is the most dangerous and difficult to fix as it requires the old connector to be carefully de-soldered, and a new connector to be carefully re-soldered in it's place. There is also a chance the Motherboard can get damaged irreparably which would require the entire motherboard to be replaced.

2 On a Separate PCB from the Motherboard.

This Type Is better as it there is little to no chance of damaging the Motherboard, and it can be replaced or re-soldered. Only problem is that now it requires a specific part that you probably can't get from a Third Party making it some what difficult to obtain. It can also make it rather expensive.

3 The Last type has no Circuit board and is only the A/C Jack.

These are very easy to replace, only being difficult based on how hard the Device is to dissemble. They are fairly cheap to purchase, and again have very little chance of damaging the Motherboard. The only Downside to these is that they sometimes get loose from their position and rattle around inside the device. Either from being improperly secured, or that the things securing it have broken.

When we look at the bottom of the Nintendo Switch we see these Two Screws right next to the USB C Connector. Which could very well indicate that Nintendo has put thought into designing the USB C connector to be Replaceable. Perhaps more like Example 2 based on how far apart the spread of the Screws are. Or maybe they just have a very secure mounting for example 3.

I also hope in the future some of the Third party accessories used to charge the switch might take advantage of the safety features built into the Switch for docking. The Notch in the back, and the two notches in the bottom which prevent the switch from moving while using it's port. At the very least no damage should occur to the USB C Port while docking because the Three Fold Safety measures would never let it. So the only damage that would occur to the port is when charging the device outside of the dock.

TL:DR The USB C port on the Switch is the one thing you really really don't want to break, as everything else relies on it. A Switch with a Broken Screen can at least still do TV mode, but a Switch with a Broken USB port is essentially unusable until fixed. So Protect that USB Port!

Too much hype for me to type this wall of text lol, I hope I at least killed a bit of time for everyone waiting 25 days and 8 hours to go!

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