On the internet, motion controls are bad for gaming, will never sell on the Switch, and are cringeworthy to play in public. Outside opinion is pretty much the opposite. Why’s that?

I consume a lot of Switch content whenever I have time, like lurking this place during breaks. But how come that lots of people not in this subreddit thinks that motion controls are a joke? Yet when I go outside and talk to people vaguely aware of the Switch has positive impressions of motion controls? There's a disconnect going on.

Like there's lots of Youtubers out there who would swear that motion control games like 1, 2 Swich will never be played in public or parties since they're for kids or something yet I remember people playing Wii sports in their college dorms. Or that everyone in Youtube speaking positively about Arms and 12 Switch was lying to you since they're being paid by Nintendo or something. It's a common sentiment when I look at other gaming websites and forums. Lots of Youtubers dislike that Nintendo focused on motion controls instead of power.

Does the average gamer really not know how sucky motion control games are, or are gamers on the internet just that knowledgeable about the shortcomings of motion because they've seen it all before?

I still think 1,2 Switch will be a hit at parties. Gamers on Youtube aren't exactly the most avid party goers.

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