One competitor that I never hear people talking about, portable Windows 10 handhelds

I realize there isn't any of these in existence yet, but with the snapdragon 835 on the way and Microsoft already showing off windows 10 on ARM it won't be that hard for someone to come out with a direct competitor to the switch that runs full fledged PC games.

Im guessing this would be Microsoft making an Xbox portable that mimics what the switch does and just port all their existing infrastructure over to it.

The already seem to be trying to tie in their console market with the PC market, if they also went he other direction and tied it into the portable market they'd be so dominant. Can you imagine buying a game and being able to play it on your console, pause it, continue on your PC and then need to go out and continue playing on your portable?

Don't get me wrong, I'm going to totally buy the switch day one and can't wait for it, just trying to speculate on where the market could be going and who could compete with Nintendo should this market segment take off.

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