Our bingo generator – nxbingo.com – no longer needs donations

Hello! This is the developer of nxbingo.com, the bingo generator with Nintendo Switch rumors and possibilities! I have a message for you all.

I was afraid that I would be forced to shut the website down when the payed server subscription completes 3 months, in jan 9th, 2017, just 3 days before the Switch presentation. However, today I received an e-mail from the website hoster and now I can confirm that it will be online until January 12th!

So donations are no longer needed and donation section was deleted. Paypal didn’t registered any donations, but that’s fine. I loved all the support you guys gave to the website since the beginning. Thanks again for everyone who visited, commented, suggested changes and shared it with friends and those who keep doing these things. 🙂

To celebrate the arrival of the long-waited Switch event, I inserted a countdown to the event in the website.


Discussion started at here by cineasthales

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