Pc monitor, so probably no audio. Can someone help me?

So im not the most technical guy, but i do like gaming. I've been gaming on a PC for years now, but i love the Switch, so i pre-ordered one. But i just realized i may have a problem with the audio. I've got a Benq XL2411 e-sports monitor at home, wich is linked to my pc with DVI cable. The HDMI port is still available for the switch, but i dont think my monitor has speakers, so i probably need to connect my small seperate speakers to the switch. These speakers have a small audio-jack, wich probably doesnt connect to the Switch Dock. So my question is: how do i connect the small audio-jack to the dock, so i get my audio from my speakers.

TL;DR: Last part of the text.

So this probably sounds really stupid, but im a noob at technic stuff. I couldnt find the answer to this question in another post so sorry if this has been asked before. Could you guys help me out please?

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