Please, please, please, let’s avoid overhyping the Switch

I wish people would just realize that no matter what's the specs, this thing will be great.

  • It doesn't need an entire day on battery.

  • It doesn't need near-PS4 graphical power.

  • It doesn't need a 2TB flash drive.

  • It doesn't need a bunch of crazy-ass modular controllers.

  • It absolutely doesn't need f*****g VR or holograms.

  • It doesn't even completely need a touch screen!

The Switch will have all of Nintendo's franchises on the same machine, a machine that you can play at home or wherever you want, and a controller you can share with anyone at any time to have fun.

It will have the most ambitious Zelda game to date very close to launch. It will have a new 3D Mario, plus Mario Kart, Splatoon, and Skyrim. It will have a From Software game. It will probably have a full-fledged Pokémon game.

This is more than enough. Even if it had only these things, and it would cost $200, or maybe even $250, it would be already amazing and totally worth the money.

Let's be realist and avoiding overhyping this thing.

Not only because overhype leads to disappointment, but simply because the reality is already super cool.

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